Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Touch Of Wisdom, 11/24/15

"Expecting something for nothing is the most popular form of hope."

Arnold Glasow (1905 - 1998) (Successful Businessman and Humorist)

Arnold Henry Glasow was born in Fond-du-lac, Wisconsin, USA, in 1905, and died in Freeport, Illinois in 1998 age 93. He graduated from Ripon College, and started his own business when he moved to Freeport just after the Great Depression. His business was a humour magazine that he marketed to firms nationally, which firms would turn into their own "House Organ" to send to their own customers. He ran this business for over sixty years but didn't publish his first book until aged 92. The book was titled "Glasow's Gloombusters", one of the many titles he put to his work during his career. He was cited frequently in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the Chicago Tribune and many other major publications. He was a regular contributor to the humour sections of Reader's Digest. Sixty years of productive work. Many accolades. A real American thinker, self-effacing and generous of spirit, he shunned the national spotlight,  http://www.mistralassociates.com/glasow.html  (To learn more, please click on this link)

Thank you to my friend Ben Haney for calling this wonderful author to our attention.

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